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For the last decade, Sula has created original products rooted in everyday life under the name of schoenstaub. Having originated from creative director Nadja Stäubli’s personal artistic experiments, Sula has since grown into a design studio that specializes in rugs, textiles, furniture, and objects for your home.

Quality, function and design are the core principles of Sula’s collections. By collaborating with artists, designers and brands, Sula blends history with contemporary culture. Working with international experts, Sula combines cutting-edge technologies and a powerful legacy of craftsmanship with its signature designs.

Sula’s work is bold, timeless, and modern.
Sula’s products are intended to last.

Nadja Stäubli is the CEO, Creative Director and designer of Sula.

She loves color. It reflects her photography, designs, and music. Playing with cameras since she was a kid, she later studied photography at the University of the Arts in Zurich and SVA in New York City.

She developed SULA (formerly schoenstaub) over the last decade, from a one-off art project into a full-fledged design company selling interior objects and accessories all over the globe. Bringing analog’s low-fi, real-world aesthetic into all realms of her life, Nadja approaches her artistic and entrepreneurial projects with the same spirt: life is more vibrant in color.