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We do custom.
We do design.

As an innovative design studio, Studio Sula brings a breath of fresh air to every project with its unconventional and bold design concepts and ideas. With a strong focus on high-quality rugs, textiles, furniture, objects, and decorative accessories we work with a wide variety of clients: hotels, offices, restaurants, stores, museums, and public institutions. 

With its customized service, Studio Sula offers tailor-made solutions for all kinds of projects. From minimal calming design to our signature colorful aesthetics, Sula is the right address for the corporate world. Let us help you bring your visions to life.

What We Offer.

① Studio Sula products made to measure for your project

All existing Studio Sula products and designs are available in various sizes, shapes and colors and can be adapted to your requirements.

② Custom-made products and designs exclusively for your project

Studio Sula designs something completely new for your project. Together or according to your specifications, the creative team at Studio Sula designs exclusively for you and translates your ideas into the desired appearance.

③ Your designs on Studio Sula products

You bring the idea, Studio Sula makes it possible. Your design, artwork or company logo — the Studio Sula team is looking forward to bringing your vision to life and displaying it on the desired product.

Contact our team

If you are interested in our services or want to know more about what we offer, our team is at your disposal. For more information or to book a consultation, please email us at:

Some of Our Projects

Micasa, Curaprox, BSTN, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Paula Navone, 25hours hotels, Vitra, Swarovski, Carhartt, Open Ride, Hive, Gonzo, Fat Tonys

For retailers

Do you want to sell our products? We would love to work with you! Please contact us via email at, and check-out our stockists here

Micasa x Sula

Limited edition SOLE collection

View Project

Beyond Gravity

A creative sound absorption solution

View Project

Curaprox CH

Collaboration on the Curaprox x Sula gift set

View Project

Brasserie Süd

Almost 30 meters of our Nebula rug in Zürich HB

View Project

BSTN Home & Living

Custom designed rugs, tufted rugs, blankets, and trays

View Project

Riders Hotel Laax

Custom rugs and trays

View Project


Custom designed rugs, blankets and trays

View Project

Felix Pöttinger

The Glitch carpet

View Project

25hours Hotel Florence

Paola Navone custom rug

View Project

Galerie König Büro

Marcel Freymond’s art on a custom-made rug

View Project

NZZ Bellevue

Tiger design for the Chinese New Year

View Project

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Swiss Design Lounge

View Project

Art House Basel

Custom nebula rugs

View Project


“Mooris Heart” tufted rug

View Project

VITO Pizza

The “Pizzateppich”

View Project

Open Ride

Custom towels for sport lovers

View Project

Schauspielhaus Zürich

A towel to match the grand entrance

View Project

25hours Hotel Zürich

Custom wallpaper and rugs

View Project

25hours Hotel Köln

Commissioned Nebula rugs

View Project

25hours hotel Zürich


View Project

EnSoie Zürich

Collaboration on the EnSoie x Sula capsule collection

View Project